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Objectives and Rationale (.pdf)


  • Synthesize key adaptation lessons learned from NOAA-supported research
    and applications on interannual timescales and explore the practical implications of these insights for climate change adaptation research, decision making, and development planning in the U.S. and overseas.


  • Provide insights gained from climate variability research and applications activities in key climate-sensitive sectors including agriculture and food security, water resources, public health, disaster prevention and risk management. humanitarian assistance, fisheries, coastal resource management, hydropower, and forest fire management.
  • Explore the implications and identify the limits of these insights, for climate change adaptation, research, decision making, and development planning.
  • Feed the conclusions back into scientific planning, both for identifying adaptation options and for studying the physical climate system, to support improved management of the risks and opportunities associated with climate now and in the future


  • A cross-section of leading researchers, managers, and decision-makers that the NOAA Office of Global Programs has partnered with over the past 15 years through sponsored research and applications activities of its Climate and Societal Interactions Division.

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