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Background Papers

The following set of background papers was designed to provide a starting point for workshop discussions. They were contributed by a cross-section of the leading researchers, managers, and decision-makers that the NOAA Office of Global Programs has partnered with over the past 15 years through the sponsored research and applications activities of its Climate and Societal Interactions Division.

The tremendous enthusiasm that this group of authors has demonstrated by turning around such a rich group of papers in the span of only a few weeks is a testament to the timeliness of the adaptation issue. Rather than the peer-reviewed academic papers that so many of the authors are accustomed to writing, these papers are thought pieces that explore new ways of approaching an emerging issue. We particularly appreciate the creativity and open-mindedness with which the contributors approached their task of addressing this new topic.

We view these papers not only as the first step for workshop discussions, but also as a catalyst for an emerging research agenda that will expand the options for societies around the world in adapting to climatic changes across time scales. Many of the papers were written expressly for this workshop, while some were adapted from related contexts, and others were drawn from previously published works that are particularly relevant to the topic at hand.

They represent a wide range of perspectives on adaptation from a community that spans continents, disciplines, and institutional frameworks. We hope that these papers and the upcoming workshop will stimulate the involvement of a broader group of researchers, stakeholders, and program architects interested in advancing this compelling area of research. We invite you to join us in the effort to enhance long-term capabilities to anticipate and adapt to the climate of today and tomorrow.

Accepted Background Papers (PDF)

"Adaptation of Agricultural Production Systems to Climate Variability and Climate Change: Lessons Learned and Proposed Research Approach" --
Walter E. Baethgen, Holger Meinke, Agustin Gimenez

"Adaptation to Climate in Urban Areas: Identification of Research Needs" -- Cynthia Rosenzweig, William D. Solecki

"Adaptation to Climate Variability and South African Livestock Systems: Lessons for Long-term Climate Change" -- Kathleen A. Galvin, Philip Thornton, and Randall Boone

"Adaptation Lessons Learnt in Kenya on Climate Variability and Change", Samuel Muchemi

"Agricultural Responses to Climate Variability and Climate Change" -- James W. Jones

Background Paper -- Anthony Patt

"Can Climate Knowledge Lead to Better Rural Policies and Risk Management Practices?" -- Holger Meinke, S. Mark Howden, Walter Baethgen, Graeme L. Hammer, R.
Selvaraju, and Roger C. Stone

"Climate Adaptation in the Pacific: Lessons Learned" -- Eileen L. Shea

"Climate Change Activities in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) Being Undertaken at DMCN" -- Laban Ogallo

"Climate Information and Western Water Institutions: Round Pegs in Square Holes?" -- Doug Kenney

"Climate Variability: An Essential Ingredient in the GECAFS Caribbean Food Systems Project" -- Adrian R. Trotman

"Climate Variability and Adaptation in the Desert Southwest" -- Mary H. Hayden

"Crop Models as Tools to Simulate In-Field Water Harvesting Under Different SOI Scenarios" -- Sue Walker, Mitsuru Tsubo

"Communication – The Zambian Experience" -- Reidner G. Mumbi

"Communicating Climate Information" -- Patrick Luganda

"Communicating Climate Forecasts To Farmers Through Climate Field School: Indonesian Experience" -- Rizaldi Boer, Kusnomo Tamkani, and A.R. Subbiah

"Communication and Participation in the Pacific: Lessons for Adaptation to Climate Change & Variability" -- Cheryl L. Anderson

"Coping and Adapting to Climate Variability: The Role of Assets, Networks, Knowledge and Institutions" -- Corinne Valdivia, Jere L. Gilles, Christian Jetté, Roberto Quiroz, Rigoberto Espejo

"Critical Areas for Improvement in the Ability of SADC Agricultural Sector to Benefit From Seasonal Forecasts" -- Emma Archer, Elijah Mukhala, Sue Walker, Maxx Dilley

"Interannual Climate Variability and Agriculture in Argentina: What Did We Learn?" --
Guillermo P. Podestá, Kenny Broad, David Letson, Elke Weber, Jim W. Hansen, Emilio Satorre, Hilda Herzer, Balaji Rajagopalan, Angel Menéndez

"An International Sampling of Agricultural Applications of Seasonal Climate Forecasts" --
James Hansen

"Learning From and Adapting to Climate Variability in the Pacific Northwest" --
Amy K. Snover, Edward L. Miles, Alan F. Hamlet

"Lessons from the Field" -- Jennifer Phillips

"Lessons Learned for Climate Change Adaptation; Part 1- Implementation of Seasonal Climate Forecasting in West Africa; Part 2- Impacts From and Adaptation to Climate Change in Metro Boston, USA" -- Paul Kirshen, Keith Ingram, Gerrit Hoogenboom, Christine Jost, Carla Roncoli , Matthias Ruth, and Kelly Knee

"Recent Climate Variability and Future Climate Change: What They Mean for
United States’ Farming" -- William E. Easterling

"Scientific and Technical Capacity Building in Support of Adaptation" -- Neil Leary, Saleem Huq and Suruchi Bhadwal

"Strategic Choices for Enhancing Capacity of Rural Communities to Adapt to Climate Variability: A Case for Uganda" -- Milton Michael Waiswa

"The Use of Agroclimatic Zones As a Basis for Tailored Seasonal Rainfall Forecasts for the Cropping Systems in Central Rift Valley" -- Sue Walker, Yohannes G/Eyesus Getahun, Kindie Tesfaye, Girma Mamo, Abebe Yeshanew, Endalkachew Bekele

"Utility of Climate Information Based Reservoir Inflow Forecasts in Annual
Water Allocation:Ceara Case Study" -- A.Sankarasubramanian, Upmanu Lall, Ashish Sharma and João Lucas

"What is Climate Change? Policy Consequences of Differing Political and Scientific Definitions" -- Roger A. Pielke, Jr.









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